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New Single 
Out Now!


Written by Connor Schenk

Schenk-Tax Evasion

Lyric video for the Schenk single "Tax Evasion." 

Check it out!

About Schenk

Schenk is not your father's alternative rock band. Clear definition in look, sound, and energy make them a force to be reckoned with, as they bring revamped grunge and punk inspired energy back into the rock limelight. The brainchild of frontman Connor Schenk, the band continues to defy the modern rock climate by honing their melodic aggression, intense contrast, and conversational depth, while upholding a rugged, individualistic attitude. Schenk's powerful vocals immediately capture your interest and enhance the poeticism in his lyrics defined by a beautiful, haunting introspection



Schenk is available for hire and bookings now! 

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