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Tax Evasion

One Good Thing From 2020

Nashville based rock group, Schenk, released their first single from their debut album, "Tax Evasion," on November 6th, 2020. Dealing with themes like authority and overreach, the band has combined aggression, introspection, rebellion, and a little bit of mania to create a true powerhouse of a song. Connor Schenk wrote "Tax Evasion" in response to the effect that current tax laws have on independent contractors. 

Schenk is ready to take on the world with this new release. They take pride in its modern sound and killer energy that drive the track. People have related Schenk to Nirvana, Green Day, The Struts, The Glorious Sons, and even Billy Joel. Young and determined, their thirst to prove themselves is already paying off. The young group has played nationally at different bars and clubs, and even held a residency playing the clubs on Broadway in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee to wild acclaim. 

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